Training and Consultation

Are you providing safe space?

In my 20 years in mental health I’ve seen over and over that many clients do not feel safe to tell their clinicians everything about their lives. Clients tell me regularly that they’re grateful they can talk openly to me about their sexuality, their lifestyle, their desires, their gender, and their basic life experience.

It’s our sacred duty as clinicians to create a space where clients are accpeted warmly, with unconditional positive regard. I can help with that!


Trainings for Students

I love to talk to groups of counseling students at any level about marganalized clients–clients in open relationship, clients not in a binary, diverse sexualities and sexual experiences. I do this free of charge as a way to give back to the next generation of counselors.


Trainings for Clinicans

I offer half day or day-long trainings on sexual and gender diversities, shame in your therapy office, counseling folks in open relationship, and more! Contact me for rates and availability! I’d love to come in and talk to your clinicians!


Individual Supervision and Consultation.

I am now offering supplimental supervision for LACs! If you’re looking for supervision hours specific to the diverse populations I serve, I can offer supervision hours for that!
Already have your LPC? I also offer consultation at my normal rate if you have questions or need support.