Individual Counseling

Your goals, your dreams, your good

One on one attention 

When you sit down with me for individual counseling, we work on what is important to you, not me. I have no agenda for our time together, my entire focus is on what you want to change, improve, or learn about to help you live your best, closest to good, life.

Therapy with me is typically talk-oriented, with some worksheets or behavior-based homework as well. The way I see it, I’m here to get you started and the real work happens in your day to day life.

Clients I see

After 20 years in the field, I’ve seen almost every kind of person and am comfortable with most! I am particularly fond of working with folks in the following rad clubs:

LGBTQIA+ and non-binary folks (Including letters for gender affirmation treatments).
Polyamory and open relationships
Fat positive and body positive
Highly sensitive people


I am particularly effective in treating:
Depression and mood disorders
Stress and burnout
Learning to cope with high sensitivity
Shame and vulnerability work
Connection, boundaries, and other relationship stuff
Trauma, PTSD, abuse
Under or overachieving and perfectionism
Body shame and eating issues from a fat positve, Health At Every Size philosophy

I don’t see myself here, what do I do?

Contact me, and we’ll talk about what you want to talk about! If I can’t help you, I have some awesome referral sources to share.